4S Shower Set DN 15 (85mm)

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Additional Information

  • Hand shower with flex hose and wall holder
  • 4S hand shower Ø85mm male thread connection ½ inch
  • Jet kind: spray, misty, massage, spray & massage with screws and dowels
  • Flex hose 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch x 1600mm
  • Flex hose plastic coated with metal effect with dirt catching sieve.
  • Finishes:05 chrome plated

KLUDI RAK LLC item no. RAK 40011

Chrome plated brass/plastic in accordance to DN EN 1112

4S shower set DN15, manufacturer KLUDI RAK LLC  item no. RAK40011 DN 15, chrome plated brass/plastic, jet kind: spray/misty/massage/spray & massage, diameter hand shower Ø85mm, male thread connection ½ inch, with dirt catching sieve, with  chrome plated brass/plastic, for pressure type water heater, for continuous line heater, for using with water pressure 1-5bar, with fixed wall holder, flex hose
1/2inch x 1/2inch x 1600mm length with conical nuts.